Just in time for the start of your internship/sub-internship/suturing workshop, I’m providing this 45 minute recorded zoom lecture on wound repair as free open access medical education.

A 45 minute primer on traumatic laceration repair in the Emergency Department.

Intended audience(s):

  • Emergency Medicine sub-interns, looking to impress on a visiting rotation
  • Emergency Medicine interns, brushing up before their first foray in the department
  • Teachers of either of the above, looking to fill in small gaps in your own knowledge, or just refresh yourself on common questions and points of confusion for trainees at this level.

How to use this:

I suggest learners watch this video independently prior to a suturing workshop or practical session. Workshop leaders can also provide a link to this lecture to students and interns to review prior to a workshop, creating a “flipped classroom” which allows more time for deliberate practice, observation, and feedback from their facilitators.

Independent learners can also use this video on their own. The final 5 minutes of the recorded lecture provide a suggested roadmap for practicing the most salient EM suturing skills, and link to videos via QR code that can be used for independent practice.

I welcome your feedback on this talk. Let me know what you liked, what’s missing, and how to improve it!