Recently I received an invitation to give an informal presentation to the faculty and fellows of the UCLA Harbor Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship. The audience was a mix spanning current fellows, recent graduates, & PEM faculty (many who have been in practice much longer than me!)

To prepare, I asked what their questions were, and they generated this list:

The result: a really fun, engaged discussion with the fellows and faculty about many of the timeless & timely controversies in emergency wound care. I learned a lot by trying to research the answers to their outstanding questions, and by drawing from their own clinical experiences and expertise. The fellowship director Dr. Kelly Young recorded the talk, and welcomed me to share it with this audience:

A few disclaimers on this Zoom talk:

What it is not: polished (rather, it is discussion-based, with a few Zoom screenshare fails); short (clocks in at almost 2 hours!); peer-reviewed (as always, it is my best interpretation of the literature blended with my personal practice); for beginners (the recommended audience is on the cusp of, or well in to, independent practice).

What it is: sophisticated (this audience asked all the right questions); honest (and they held my feet to the fire to answer them honestly); multi-sourced (many smart PEM physicians weigh in with their personal practice as well); for experienced clinicians (the recommended audience has context for many of the “tough” questions in EM wound care).

Recommended: start your day with this and a cup of coffee (or end it with a glass of wine). I believe you will learn a lot, as I did!

Special thanks to Dr. Kelly Young, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Director at Harbor-UCLA, for organizing this session, and providing this recording! And to the fellows and faculty at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center!