Have to give credit where it is due.

Firstly, to my steady-handed assistants who videotaped the pig’s foot suturing for demonstration purposes:

Riley Fitzgerald, an outstanding ED tech and soon-to-be equally oustanding RN!

Leonard Ng, another standout ED tech who has also contributed tips/tricks mentioned on this site.

Emily Wong, a summer high school grad ED intern who helped me to record several of the original videos seen on the original version of this site.

For some of the live demonstrations, I used EM attendings and residents to demo techniques. Thanks to

Ross Levin, MD

Morgan Gilani, MD

Jon Kenyon, MD

Ian McLachlan, MD

Finally, to the many patients who graciously allowed me to post photographs of their injuries, a HUGE thanks.  I’ve left out the names of these people intentionally to give some measure or privacy, but you know who you are.  Your generosity will advance medical teaching for future generations!

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