Simple Interrupted Sutures

Simple interrupted suturing is the most basic and most important of the suturing techniques.  Here is a short demo video, meant for the beginning/infrequent practitioner to review prior to suturing a laceration.

The second video is a demonstration of three of the most common errors I see students and resident make as they learn to master this technique. 


8 thoughts on “Simple Interrupted Sutures”

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  2. Timothy G. Richardson said:

    Very well explained

  3. If you have A little subcutaneous tissue sticking out of the wound, say a little bit of fat, obviously you don’t want to close to Around that tissue that sticks out. What do you recommend? Did you push the tissue back in, or cut it out then stitch?

    • Depends on the specific situation–personally I will trim this extruding tissue, which will probably necrose and fall off anyways if left extruding from the wound with no blood supply. Pushing back in after the fact may deform your closure or compromise the sutures. Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

      • Ok, so you basically just numb up (1% lidocaine, as you would for the closure itself), trim away, then close?

  4. Thanks well explained!

  5. Lisa Jenkins said:

    Thank you, needed this update. Great resource.

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